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K6IOK Support

This is the main forum for all support-related matters. This support forum is community-based but will contain the most up-to-date information regarding your resurrection kits.
K6IOK Support

TS-930 & TS-940 Issues - Tell us what's going on and we'll try to assist! Jeff AK6OK

If you need help or support with your resurrection kit, please feel free to use this forum and community to your advantage. We're here to help!

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Kenwood Upgrades - Tips & Tricks

This forum willl deal with special tips and tricks when upgrading your Kenwood TS-930S or TS-940S.

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Kenwood Radios and Parts for Sale

Feel free to list your Kenwood Radios and/or parts here. This will be a moderated Forum

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TS-930S Compendium - John W3AFC & Dave KB7JS

These guys have put their life into the TS-930S and have discovered and uncovered some skeletons you may have never discovered!

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